Discover Europe’s unicorns leading the transformation of mobility & logistics

In Europe, there are currently 15 startups in mobility and logistics which have reached unicorn status, surpassing more than €1bn in company valuation. In this article, we will take a closer look exploring their unique approach and the impact they are having on the industry.

The world of mobility has been rapidly evolving over the past few years, with new technologies and business models transforming the way we move people and goods.

At Rethink Ventures we are excited about the rising number of break-through companies and look forward to partner of with the next generation of mobility & logistics startups in Europe in the coming years.


Northvolt – Lithium-ion batteries manufacturer

Northvolt is a battery manufacturing company that aims to produce the world’s greenest lithium-ion batteries. The company plans to use renewable energy sources in the production process and has a goal of making the European Union self-sufficient in battery production.

Founding year 2016
Founders Peter Carlsson, Paolo Cerruti
HQ Stockholm, 🇸🇪
Total Funding 7,1B USD


VOI – Micromobility Operator

Voi is a micro-mobility company that provides electric scooter rentals in cities across Europe. Its scooters can be unlocked with a smartphone app and are designed to offer a sustainable and convenient mode of transportation for short distances.


Founding year 2018
Founders Fredrik Hjelm, Adam Jafer, Douglas Stark, Filip Lindvall
HQ Stockholm, 🇸🇪
Total Funding 515,6M USD



Einride – Autonomous electric trucks

Einride is a transportation technology company that develops autonomous electric trucks. Its vehicles are designed to reduce emissions and increase efficiency in the transportation industry.

Founding year 2016
Founders Filip Lilja, Linnéa Kornehed, Robert Falck
HQ Stockholm, 🇸🇪
Total Funding 652,3M USD


Transporeon – Transport mngt. platform

Transporeon is a cloud-based logistics platform that connects shippers and carriers to streamline the transportation process. Its platform offers real-time tracking, automated order management, and freight rate benchmarking.

Founding year 2000
Founders Leander Kling, Marc-Oliver Simon, Peter Forster
HQ Ulm, 🇩🇪
Total Funding Acquired for 1,88B EUR in 2022


BOLT – Ride-hailing platform

Bolt is a ride-hailing platform that operates in more than 40 countries across Europe and Africa. Its platform also includes e-scooters and electric bikes, and the company aims to offer sustainable transportation options.

Founding year 2013
Founders Markus Villig
HQ Tallinn, 🇪🇪
Total Funding 2B USD


Flix – Mobility provider

Flix is mobility provider operating long-distance bus service and railway service in Europe and the United States. As a unique combination of a tech start-up, an e-commerce company, and a classic transport operator, Flix we has become the market leader in many different regions.

Founding year 2011
Founders Andre Schwammlein, Daniel Krauss, Jochen Engert
HQ Munich, 🇩🇪
Total Funding 1,2B USD



Sennder – Digital freight-forwarder

Sennder is a digital freight-forwarding company that connects shippers and carriers. Its platform uses machine learning algorithms to optimize routes and reduce empty mileage, with the goal of making the freight industry more efficient and sustainable.

Founding year 2015
Founders David Nothacker, Christian Nothacker, Julius Koehler, Nicolas Stephan
HQ Berlin, 🇩🇪
Total Funding 340M USD


Forto – Digital freight-forwarder

Forto is a digital freight forwarder that provides end-to-end logistics services for businesses. Its platform offers real-time tracking, automated customs clearance, and online booking, with the goal of making international shipping more transparent and efficient.

Founding year 2016
Founders Michael Wax, Erik Muttersbach
HQ Berlin, 🇩🇪
Total Funding 593,4M USD


Auto1 – Automotive retail platform

Auto1 is a digital used-car marketplace that connects dealers and customers across Europe. Its platform offers a wide selection of cars and provides financing and warranty options, with the goal of making the car-buying process more transparent and convenient.

Founding year 2012
Founders Christian Bertermann, Hakan Koç
HQ Berlin, 🇩🇪
Total Funding 1,4B USD


Tier – Micro-mobility Operator

Tier is a micro-mobility company that provides electric scooter and bike rentals in cities across Europe. Its vehicles are designed to offer a sustainable and convenient mode of transportation for short distances.

Founding year 2018
Founders Lawrence Leuschner, Matthias Laug, Julian Blessin
HQ Berlin, 🇩🇪
Total Funding 646,9M USD


Volocopter – eVTOL aircraft

Volocopter is a transportation technology company that develops electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft. Its vehicles are designed for urban air mobility and could offer a new mode of transportation for the future.

Founding year 2011
Founders Alexander Zosel, Stephan Wolf
HQ Bruchsal, 🇩🇪
Total Funding 780,6M USD


Exotec – Intralogistic robotics

Exotec is a robotics company that develops autonomous robots for warehouse and logistics operations. Its robots can navigate through narrow spaces and lift heavy objects, improving the efficiency and accuracy of order fulfillment.

Founding year 2015
Founders Romain Moulin, Renaud Heitz
HQ Lille, 🇫🇷
Total Funding 449,6M USD


BlaBlaCar – Ride-sharing platform

BlaBlaCar is a ride-sharing platform that connects drivers with passengers traveling between cities. Its platform offers a cost-effective and sustainable alternative to traditional transportation options.

Founding year 2006
Founders Nicolas Brusson, Frederic Mazzella
HQ Paris, 🇫🇷
Total Funding 578,5M USD


Cabify – Ride-hailing platform

Cabify is a ride-hailing platform that operates in Latin America, Spain, and Portugal. Its platform offers on-demand rides and a range of other transportation services, with the goal of providing safe and reliable mobility options.

Founding year 2001
Founders Juan de Antonio
HQ Madrid, 🇪🇸
Total Funding 519M USD


Wayve – Autonomous driving

Wayve is an artificial intelligence (AI) startup that is developing autonomous driving technology. Its approach is focused on using deep learning algorithms to create a more flexible and adaptable self-driving system. The company is working to create a safer, more efficient and sustainable transportation system for the future.

Founding year 2017
Founders Amar Shah, Alex Kendall
HQ Cambridge, 🇬🇧
Total Funding 257,2M USD